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Wings Studio
Kay Anne Seefeld 
 Oil Paintings

    Kay Anne Seefeld the proprietor of Wings Studio for nearly 12 years in downtown Bloomington, IL passed on October 21st, 2012.  Kay was well liked and appreciated for her effort in supporting the continuing success of the art community.  Wings Studio will remain in her name and as a working studio that will exhibit her work with a dedication to her life through the 
                                   Sclerederma foundation of Illinois.  

      Kay Anne Seefeld graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1983. She received a Masters Degree in Studio Painting in 1987 from Illinois State University. She was the former owner of 300 Gallery in Bloomington, Illinois and was Art Program Coordinator for Blair House Retirement Center from 1997–2000.

     Seefeld's work reflects an interest in human presence as it is experienced through nature. The miracle of nature's seasonal transformation from birth to death to rebirth represents the regenerative power she wished to symbolize in all of her artistic endeavors.

   Kay Seefeld's vision will always be captured by the regenerative power of nature. Relying on a few chosen symbolic elements, her paintings read as cyclic time; nature in constant rhythmic change between birth and death, creating an underlying unity between the two.

   Going beyond the rigidity of realism, Seefeld placed a poetic significance on the objects in her still life paintings. She created that transcendent moment of "full bloom"; just before life begins it's downhill journey to decay. In her "Sky Pilot Series", birds become emblems of the soul. Capable of flying high above the realities of life, they are also earth walkers, sharing every day existence with all of nature's creatures. Kay Seefeld endeavored to paint "stilled-life" pieces that test our sense of what is real and significant and what is illusion.

   Kay Seefeld's work has been exhibited in numerous local and national shows including:
  • "Aqueous Today", Juried Exhibit, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Jasper Arts Commission, Juried Exhibit - Purchase Award, Jasper, Indiana
  • Evansville Museum Invitational, "Realism Today", Evansville, Indiana
  • Springfield Art Association Invitational, "Survey of Illinois Watercolor", Springfield, Illinois
  • Galesburg Civic Art Center, Juried Exhibit, "Illinois Figurative Artists", Galesburg, Illinois
  • Greater Lafayette Museum of Art Invitational, "Artform", West Lafayette, Indiana
  • McLean County Art Center, Juried Exhibit - Merwin Medal Best of Show, Bloomington, Illinois
  • McLean County Art Center One Person Art Exhibit, "Kay Seefeld, Recent Paintings", Bloomington, Illinois