Featuring 1st Friday of the Month Exhibits - The Grey Dove Gallery & Wings Studio

Acrylic Painter
 Jenny Kimble

 There just isn't enough words to say about Jenny Kimble that will impress on you the creativeness of this young woman. Jenny's talent exceeds words.  She opened our 
Spring show in May of 2013 and she has grown like a beautiful flower ever since.  She so inspires everyone 
around her with her happy glee we all feel 
even in the art she creates!  

With that said we have included a few....
yes there is much, much more of Jenny's work 
which we have quite a bit in the Grey Dove.  
Jen's newest peices will be on show soon 
at the gallery!  

Make sure to keep a watchful eye on this wonderful and talented young lady!

Disclaimer: All of Jenny Kimble's work is copyrighted and not to be used for professional use.  

You can also see Jenny Kimble on Red Bubble at: 


Jenny is available for commission as well.

You can contact Jenny Kimble at:
Email- jennykimble@hotmail.com
Ph# 309.291.1280

  Contact us for more information about pricing and any other questions.
You can reach us at:
ph# 309.830.3481

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