Featuring 1st Friday of the Month Exhibits - The Grey Dove Gallery & Wings Studio

Grey Dove Gallery Intern
Sarah Pitts

Sarah Pitts is currently an intern with us 
at the Grey Dove Gallery. 
Sarah is fundemental in helping with the production of our exhibits every first Friday of the month art walk.  
Miss Pitts is involved with hanging works of art, 
labeling, price lists and artist relations.

Please enjoy Sarah's whimsical creations and 
beautiful photography!
Artist Statement

My photography is the basis for the characters I draw.

This landscape and forest photo study inspired me to create a 
nature-like inspired character.

People might find me introspective, it is just that my mind is always creating. 

The Isle of Finland photo seemed almost meloncholy-like and inspired 
me to create an ethereal dream-state character.

I'm an independent, positive thinker and inspired by nature. 

Subjects like the photo of my brother or the moons reflection in the puddle of water inspire me to illustrate the whimsical feelings I get from them.

I am someone who is assuredly aware of good and evil, 
angels and demons, life and death.

The photo study of the gravestone inspired me to create characters that are 
accepting death and the reality of it as a fact of life.

Experiences in my life that influence my illustrations are 
related to the battles I go through as a growing and 
constant learner.  I always resort to a 
peaceful conclusion of what I have learned 
that helps me grow.

The tone this photo sets in my mind inspired me to create characters 
that are forceful yet content.

I am currently applying to the Art Institute of Chicago, 
which has been a dream of mine to study there 
since I can remember.

You can reach Sarah Pitts at: SDPcat@yahoo.com