Featuring 1st Friday of the Month Exhibits - The Grey Dove Gallery & Wings Studio

Clay Artisan
Jeff Black

Jeff's pottery creations are geometric and original in design.
His pieces are a wonderful addition to the Grey Dove's 
team of excellent artists.  Here you will find images of 
Jeff Black's current work as well as images of 
past work that is available to purchase
 in the Grey Dove Gallery.

 Artist Statement

   I was raised in Alabama and relocated to central Illinois nearly  a decade ago. I was drawn to art as a means to help
 manage an anxiety disorder and depression.  
Art has been a saving element of my life. 

I am a clay artisan who began by creating traditional 
wheel-thrown vessels. I soon realized my passion was in hand-building where I could expand my structural boundaries. 

I create ascending and spiraling vases and vessels from 
deep red terra cotta clay which feature pre-cut slabs 
meticulously stacked in layers.     


After several weeks of very drying, my work is bisque firedslow  then thoughtfully glazed and fired. 

My technique is the materialization of my fascination 
with stacking clay pieces as if composing architecture and is heavily influenced by my southern heritage.

    My art is an expression of what is in my heart and mind 
and I hope you feel that passion in my work.

Additionaly, I hope my art inspires others suffering from mental illness to find their own therapeutic outlet.

You can contact Jeff Black at: jeff.black.art@gmail.com